School Program

The Coyote Flats Pioneer Village is pleased to offer a number of exciting educational programs tailored to meet curriculum requirements, while providing fun and lasting memories.

One of our primary aims is to offer students opportunities to experience how school life and life in general has changed over time. We feel the best fit to the Alberta Curriculum is at the Grade Two level, however adjustments can be made to tailor school visits to other grade levels as well.

Participation in the program near school year-end (May – June) provides a great culmination to classroom studies throughout the year.

Our most popular presentation can manage groups of up to 50-60 students. While half the group experiences a taste of classroom life in a one-room school about 100 years ago, the other half is divided into smaller groups and given a guided tour of our Pioneer Village. After about an hour, the groups switch places. Following this students have a lunch break and chance to play on old-time playground equipment and climb on some old tractors. Students may then do a coulee walk to experience nature in all its splendour as well as learn about coal mining that was such an important part of life when this area was in its infancy.

To book your tour please call the Museum (403-732-5451) or email