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For rentals, or access to the site, please call Loretta at (403) 732-4374

2017 Events (mark them on your calendar!!)


Museum Opens          May 1 [this date marks our 35th anniv.]

Spring Tractor Pull    May 27 [noon – 6 pm]

Show & Shine             July 2 [8:30 am – 3:30 pm]

Medieval Faire           July 29 & 30 [details to follow!]

Harvest Days              Aug. 18 [5 pm – 9 pm]

                                         Aug. 19 [noon – 9 pm]

                                         Aug. 20 [noon – 6 pm]

Museum closes          Sep. 4 at 5 PM

Pig & Pull                     Sept. 30 [6 pm – 10 pm]


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Southern Alberta has a rich history, filled with inventors, collectors, pioneers, bootleggers and more. This collection of history does not simply include pictures and the items used during those times. Coyote Flats Pioneer Village is  an assembly of buildings used by the people who shaped our history. Through the collection of buildings, artifacts and stories, the history of the region’s early settlers lives on . Walk the streets and experience the history written about in books and witness the activities that kept our ancestors busy throughout their days.

The Coyote Flats Pioneer Village also has a very large collection of tractors spanning the entire history of Alberta’s agricultural development. This industry is the foundation to Alberta’s success as a province. See the very tractors that plowed the fields and cultivated today’s thriving industry.


a few of the many restored tractors


Above are a few of the many restored tractors on site.

Our guides have an extensive knowledge of the history of our province and will share many stories with you. Coyote Flats Pioneer Village is an exciting experience unlike anything you will find anywhere.

Welcome to our Village!


Operated by the:

Prairie Tractor and Engine Museum Society


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14 responses »

  1. Hi there, I was just wondering what it would cost to rent for my wedding photographs? I’m getting married November 7th of this year.

    • Hi Eva; congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and thanks for your inquiry.

      For formal wedding pictures we charge $ 100, but the museum is yours – especially at that time of the year…

      Please call ahead to confirm, just so we can have someone on-site to meet and great you.

      Pieter van Ewijk
      General Manager
      Coyote Flats Pioneer Village
      (403) 732-5451

  2. Marshall Stang

    Are you requiring any volunteers and what is required of them?

    • Hello, Marshall!

      Volunteers are always needed, so “come on down”!

      No requirements, really: you tell us what you like to do, what hours you are available, and we work it out from there…
      I am usually here from 9 AM to 4:30 MON-FRI.

      Pieter van Ewijk
      General Manager,
      Coyote Flats Pioneer Village
      operated by the Prairie Tractor & Engine Museum Society
      (403) 732-5451

  3. Gerald Flickinger

    Good morning…

    My name is Gerald…I’m the Activity Coordinator for a senior facility. I would like to know if you’re open in September? I would like to bring a group of about 12 & need to know if you’re wheelchair accessible. Also do you serve food & have a space to eat. Thank you.


    • Hello, Gerald! Thank you for your inquiry; yes we love to host seniors’ tours. Probably half the museum is wheelchair accessible. What we’ve done in the past is have two smaller groups, and when the folks are getting a little tired of walking, we actually drive the bus through the village, with a tour guide narrating the buildings and sights that are just outside the windows. I will call you momentarily as well — we’ll see you in September. PIETER

  4. Brian J Patterson

    Looking to track down a copy of the history of Coyote Flats. My relatives are from Billings township Manitoulin Island and relocated to the Coyote Flats area in 1910. The Foster Brothers remained there into the 1980’s. They were my grandmothers brothers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 416-629-2890 Thanks in advance looking forward to visiting your museum next year BP

    • Hello, Brian; we have two books for sale; one is the history of Coyote Flats museum (put out in 2016, which has some information on early settlers) and the other is a book called ‘Coyote Flats, Vol. II’, which has a certain amount of history on early settlers, the area, etc. It was published in 1976.

      Each book is $ 25 CDN.

      Hope that Helps! PIETER

  5. Wayne Hawthorne hi

    Website to purchase labeler cassettes.

  6. Hey there, is there any limitations on what types of tractors can compete in the tractor pull? Thanks

  7. Hi Pieter,

    I was hoping to pick up cataloguing
    again. I did a few years ago and I am also familiar with the catalogue computer program..,
    I was hoping to stop in on Monday..,

    Jane van Asch


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