New Dayton CPR Train Station

Buildings similar to this were located in almost every town across the Prairies as trains were monumental for the development of Western Canada, carrying settlers, luggage, tools, homes, coal, and mail. This Station was built in 1912 in New Dayton, a small hamlet between Warner and Sterling. It was enlarged in 1924 at an estimated cost of $5500. The Station Agent would live in the Station with his family for little rent and they were paid for cleaning the building and keeping the grounds and garden maintained. Station Agents held an important position with many jobs, including sending and receiving messages through Morse code, kept track of train schedules, took care of shipments and passengers, sold tickets, and were official timekeepers. During war times, they were also in charge of monitoring suspicious-looking packages from people that were thought to be enemies of the state. The station was closed in 1960 and moved to Coyote Flats in 1989.