Bowville School

Bowville School was built in 1907, and for 34 years served the children of that district, south and east of Carmangay. There are two doors opening the school, one an entrance for girls, the other for boys. Children would come to school either by walking, riding horses, or sometimes by buggy. The school was closed in 1941 but it continued to be used as a community centre for several years. It was donated by Ron Svanes and moved in 1989. This building is representative of the hundreds of one-roomed schools that once dotted this country. The teacher taught all subjects in grades one to nine, as the children would drop out of school to work, but if they wanted to continue their schooling, they would have to move to another school in a larger town. The teacher would also act as the janitor, cleaning the school and starting the stove in the mornings. Hundreds of grade two students tour this building every year as part of their curriculum. They obtain a brief hands-on experience of the kind of school that their ancestors once attended.