Facility Rentals

Kleeman Hall available for events

Coyote Flats offers a unique space for many events. We are happy to provide rental space for meetings, weddings, reunions, parties and more. There is seating in our hall for up to 200 people. Tables and seating are provided.

Facility Rental Agreement

    1. Contact and Event Information

    Name – ______________________________________________________________

    Mailing Address -______________________________________________________

    Phone Number – ______________________________________________________

    Cell Phone Number – ___________________________________________________

    Email Address – ________________________________________________________

    Date and Type of Event – _________________________________________________

    Facilities Needed – ______________________________________________________


    Keys will be issued to the contact person. Keys to be left on meeting room table after the event.


    1. Rental Fees Charges
    • Damage deposit $200.00                                                    _____________
    • Part of a day – up to 5 hour $125.00                                 _____________
    • One full day $250.00                                                            _____________
    • Kitchen – additional per day $50.00  Part day $30.00____________
    • Barbeque – per day $30.00                                                 _____________
    • Church – donation only wedding – $125.00                    _____________
    • Camping per night $10.00                                                   _____________
    • Camping and power per night $15.00                               _____________
    • Family photos $75.00                                                          ______________
    • Wedding photos $100.00                                                    ______________
    • Tours – extra, upon request                                                ______________
    • Cleaning fee for all events $50.00                                     ______________

    Total –                 ______________

    GST –                    ______________

      Total –                  ______________

    Prices subject to change without notice

    1. Damage Deposit and Liquor License and Insurance
    • All events require a damage deposit on a separate cheque when the rental agreement is signed. A signed waiver is also required.
    • Rental required upon arrival
    • The renter is required to obtain their own liquor license and Party Alcohol Insurance for their event. Proof of such will be required before keys will be issued.
    • If cancellation is made 2 weeks before the event, the damage deposit will be returned.
    • The facilities will be inspected before and after any booking. Facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition. A charge may be levied if additional cleaning is required.


    1. Set up and Facility Usage
    • Kleeman Hall may be set up and decorated prior to the event but a set up date must be arranged.
    • There are tables and chairs available to accommodate up to 160 people.
    • A bar is available but the renter must obtain a liquor license.
    • The renter must supply plates, cups and cutlery.
    • No indoor tables and chairs are to be taken outdoors.
    • No display cabinets are to be removed from their positions
    • Renter is only renting Kleeman Hall. Please monitor the activity of your guests. We have a great concern over the safety and damage done to our property. In order to protect our interests you will be required to sign the attached waiver.
    • Parking allowed in designated areas only
    • Pets must be kept on leash at all times and must be cleaned up after.


    1. Clean up
    • All garbage must be safely stored in garbage bin
    • All tables wiped and properly stored on trolleys
    • All spills and counter tops cleaned.
    • Floors swept, mud cleaned, grounds outside checked.
    • If a cleanup day after the event is required, an arrangement needs to be made.
    • If these items are not satisfactorily completed there will be an extra cleaning fee levied over and above the $50.


    1. Renter – I have read and understand the responsibility of renting this property and will comply with all the requirement___________________________________________________________

             PTEMS personnel. I have explained all the circumstances to the renter and certify that the renter has understood this contract.                        _______________________________________________________

    Liquor license and Party Alcohol Insurance in place._____________________________________



To inquire about facilities available for rent phone 403-732-4374 or the museum  at 403-732-5451.



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