A Lot is Happening .

Take a look –things happening in 2015 !!!

The Volunteer Fire Department has been doing a lot of work on the Fire Hall at Coyote Flats Pioneer Village -Sept – 2015.

workday March 14- 1                           

Herman finishes repairing the decking for the Train Station platform.

We replaced over a dozen planks this spring,

Now anyone interested in getting the station ready for new paint?


workday March 14- 2

   Pete works on getting the new ice cream cafe ready.  Any ideas of what to call the place?


workday March 14- 3




Andrew builds a door on an old granary. We won’t use it for storing grain,

but we have lots of other stuff to store.

Know of anyone with good organizational skills?


workday March 14- 4




 Frank is working on restoring the museum’s Allis-Chalmers HD5 Crawler.

We are looking for a manual for it 


workday March 14- 5


  Merle and Stan cleaning the shop. Have you ever wanted to restore an antique tractor?

Come down and help us.



Barry, Penny and Keith scoop ice cream in the new addition and soon to be ice cream parlor.



We are always looking for good people with a love of history to join us!  There are many opportunities for you to help organize this year’s activities. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please email us at prairietractor@gmail.com


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