Sunday Snowball Fight:

Back when the church was still in use, a young boy, his brother, and some friends would go out to the church early every Sunday in the winter to light the stove. Usually all went well and there were no troubles, but one morning, something went wrong. The boys had gone out early, as usual, and did everything the same as they did every other morning. For some reason on this particular morning, though, the stove got really hot. As in much hotter than normal. The stove pipes had even turned red!

The boys, being young, had no idea what to do. So, they turned to the Preacher. What he suggested seemed a little bit odd, but it turned a bad situation into something fun for the boys: a snowball fight with the stove pipe. The boys made a whole bunch of snowballs and then proceeded to start throwing as many as they could at the stove pipe so that the snow could cool it down. The crazy thing is that it actually worked! The boys were able to throw enough snowballs at the stove pipe to cool it down to a normal temperature and the church service happened without any other troubles.

When the church was being restored the many years later, the wood around the chimney where the stove pipe goes, was all black and charred. Because of this, it was decided that that snowball fight saved the church from a fire, and just in the nick of time too!


The Bootleggers: 

Back when the Finnegan Ferry was still in use, there was a time when bootleggers frequently used the ferry to get their booze across the river. They got away with it for some time, until finally the police caught on and decided to put a stop to it. The police came out one month and rode on every trip the ferry made for that entire month, hoping to catch these bootleggers.

Well, the month went by without much action. The bootleggers didn’t show themselves, and the police didn’t find any evidence to suggest that they had been there. With defeated spirits, the police concluded that the bootleggers were either inactive or had moved on with their activities, and went back to their other duties.

As soon as the police were gone, it could be seen that this really wasn’t the case. There is a door on the floor of the ferry which leads down to the hull, and when they were gone, one of the bootleggers opened it up and crawled out. When the bootleggers caught wind of the police coming to bust them, they filled the hull with all their alcohol and hid there, evading the police for the entire month like that until the coast was clear. They had fooled the police and gotten away to bootleg another day.

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