Coyote Flats Pioneer Village

General Manager: Murray Williams

Special Events Coordinator: Jillian Monti

Operated by the: Prairie Tractor & Engine Museum Society

Address: Box 768 Picture Butte, AB. T0K 1V0

Phone: (403) 732-5451


Directions: 1.5 km south of Picture Butte on Highway #843


13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi
    We are looking for somewhere to get some family photos taken quickly after our wedding on Aug 8th at 2pm. We were wondering if it would be possible to use some of your facilities as a backdrop. Please let us know if this might be a possibility.

    Thank you so much


    • That will not be any problem at all. It’s hard to get the family together sometimes, isn’t it?

      We normally do charge extra for pictures, etc, but perhaps your family would be kind enough to make a donation for this..

      Call me if you have any other questions or concerns.

      Pieter L. van Ewijk
      General Manager,
      Coyote Flats Pioneer Village
      operated by the Prairie Tractor & Engine Museum Society
      (403) 732-5451

  2. I had sent you a FB message a couple weeks ago. I have some items to donate to Pioneer village. A vintage wicker bassinet, a doll wicker bassinet, crocheted collars and cuffs and a repair dish, the old fashioned way.

    Also, wondering if the ice cream shoppe is open during regular business hours?


  3. I have a 1952 postcard of the sugar beet factory and a smaller picture of the Hyde and /Sundial Hardware store that i think my father, Douglas Ikeda, constructed in the 50s if you want it.
    I also have a wooden measuring yard stick with a Watson Garage advert on it.

  4. Hi, my name if Victor. I was raised on my parents farm located west and north of Picture Butte. I graduated from Picture Butte High School. My parents sold the farm and moved to Lethbridge in the summer of 1969. During the move I was able to save some farm items which at that time were regarded as “junk”. These items today would be considered to be “artifacts”.

    They are as follows.
    1. Can used to ship cream to the C.A.D.Pool in Lethbridge.
    2.Wooden Coca Cola case.
    3.Hurricane lantern
    4.Eleven old style glass milk bottles.

    I have kept these items in my basement for many years. I am at the stage in life where it is time for me to clean out my basement.
    I am wondering, since these items were originally used in the Picture Butte area, whether you would like to have them in your museum. My thoughts are that it would be a fitting place for these items.

  5. HI Pieter, sorry have not got back to you sooner, however I have been dealing with some issues which could not be postponed. My plans currently call for me being in your area around mid October, hopevwe can get together at that time. Will confirm exact date later.

    • That would be great; give me a couple of days heads-up if you can, please (403-732-5451); my last day at the museum for the season is October 5, but I will see if I can meet up with you, or ask one of the other museum-folk to do so. Thanks, for your ongoing interest! PIETER

      • Hi Pieter, my current plans are to be in your area on October 14/15. I plan on being in Picture Butte around noon on the 14th. Perhaps you can suggest where we can meet.

      • Hi Pieter, can you provide me with a contact phone number for Ron, in case my plans go sideways,Thanks. Sorry I wont be able to meet you. Have a great vacation.

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