Southern Alberta has a rich history, filled with inventors, collectors, pioneers, bootleggers and more. This collection of history does not simply include pictures and the items used during those times.  Coyote Flats Pioneer Village is an assembly of buildings used by the people who shaped our history.Through the collection of buildings, artifacts and stories, the history of the region’s early settlers lives on.  Walk the streets to experience the history written about in books and witness the activities that kept our ancestors busy throughout their days.

The Coyote Flats Pioneer Village also has a very large collection of tractors spanning the entire history of Alberta’s agricultural development. This industry is the foundation to Alberta’s success as a province. See the very tractors that plowed the fields and cultivated our now thriving industry.

 Coyote Flats Pioneer Village has a multitude of projects on its “plate” year round. 

Our guides have an extensive knowledge of the history of our province and will share the stories with you. Coyote Flats Pioneer Village  is an exciting experience unlike anything you will find anywhere.


Click here for our Collection, Acquisition and Administrative Policies.


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