About Us – old


The Coyote Flats Pioneer Village started in 1982 by five men, Murray Burton, Ray Pearce, Norm Richards, Evan Evans, and Duane Dunn, as a hobby club for restoring old farm equipment. They decided to name the club The Prairie Tractor and Engine Club. They started on Duane Dunn’s farm and did annual threshing demonstrations. In 1987, they began leasing the land it is now on from Roelof Heinen and purchased the land in 1990. The museum has grown since then and is now a representation of a pioneer village, showcasing homesteads, shops, and many other buildings used in the early 20th century. In 2009, the museum was recognized as a certified museum by the Alberta Museum Society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the history and culture of Southern Alberta. This village portrays the history of agriculture and its components during the first 60 years of the 20th century.

Board of Directors and Staff

President          Earl Dunn

Vice President     Hess Baarda

Secretary  Judy Werenka

Treasurer Ron Svanes


Tony Kok, Shirley Olsen, Benny Neilson, Will Broeska


Bookkeeper Sandra Hergenhein